Our approach to Investing and Investor Participation

At Blockchain Assets we recognise that no one has all the answers or perfect wisdom on anything, particularly with a new technology such as blockchain. For every potentially game changing use case that we are considering, there will be many more that no one has (yet) even dreamt of, this is an exciting time to be an early investor.    

Our approach to investment decisions is best described as one part patience, two parts research and three parts commercial/political reality check.  We know that sometimes it is better to catch the second or third wave in the set, but also that sometimes the first mover provides the biggest opportunity. In the blockchain world, there are many seeming attractive opportunities that will not succeed due to insurmountable political or commercial barriers controlled and enforced by vested interests, 'middlemen' who will do all they can to stave off the disruption to their interests.     

We encourage all investors, particularly with our initial fund, to join us in our search for the best and most practically achievable early investment opportunities. All investors will have access to our proprietary open research platform, they will be able to make comments, suggestions, raise questions and of course speak to us in person at any time.

We are in this journey together, it will be a long one and a good one!

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