We are a boutique investment firm focusing only on opportunities in blockchain ecosystems.

About Blockchain Assets

Blockchain Assets invests exclusively in assets that are being developed in the blockchain based ecosystem. Our priority and weighting is on protocol layer assets, but we invest in all layers of the technology stack.  We are particularly interested in projects that are natively enabled by blockchain technology and projects that solve a large scale problems that have not to date been solved with existing business or administrative models.  

Blockchain Early Opportunities Fund Launched

Blockchain Assets launched its first fund in Q2 2017.  This is a boutique fund for sophisticated investors seeking early exposure to this emerging asset class. Our portfolio is anchored with protocol layer investments which are augmented by a diverse portfolio of smaller size investments which are allocated across a wide number of sectors.  

Selected Investments
Ethereum ICO - July 2014
WeTrust ICO - April 2017
Augur - 2016
Digix - August 2017
Basic Attention Token - July 2017
Golem ICO - April 2017

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